2015 God’s Gift Shop Totals

God’s Gift Shop

The Market is over and the numbers are in. This is what you did in God’s Gift Shop this Christmas season.

One80 Place: $2,670

My Sister’s House: $1,560

Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center: $2,505

Hands of Christ: $2,843

H.E.L.P.: $2,115

Thornwell Home for Children: $3,505

La Gonâve Haiti Partnership: $2,010

Water Missions International: $3,075

Medical Benevolence Foundation: $3,477

Church of Bangladesh: $2,670

Lamb Institute: $5,492

Heifer Project: $4,800

            Total:  $36,722

Thanks to the volunteers who helped make all this possible. Carolyn Anderson, Margaret Beamguard, Catherine Byrd, April Chambers, Jerry Chambers, Ann-Marie Charlton, Bob Dukes, Brenda Dukes, Tom Dukes, Betty Ebinger, John Ebinger, Dola Gresham, Craig Hanson, Nancy Hanson, Carlisle Harvard, Fleet Hassell, Graham Heller, Margaret Heller, David Hoskinson, Elizabeth Johnson, Lasca Lilly, Richard Lilly, Jean Marterre, Inna Metcalf, Slade Metcalf, Elizabeth McAnally, Megan McComas, James McInerny, Paula McInerny, Sally Raver, Rick Reed, Sugar Slaubaugh, Tom Slaubaugh, Dorothy Thaxton, Ginny Thaxton, Mikell Thaxton, David Ward, Susan Witty, and the staff of First (Scots).

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