Invitation to the Building Bridges Campaign

On Sunday, January 10, the First (Scots) family will embark on a journey to discover God’s will for the church as we move through this time of transition to the installation of a new senior pastor. The Building Bridges Committee invites you to participate in a church-wide opportunity to build on First (Scots’) strengths in the present, and create the church we want to be in the future. Read more about this journey here. Please join in!  

This is how the journey begins. Members of the Building Bridges Committee will meet with already-existing groups within the church (e.g. Koinonia groups, Sunday School classes, Men’s Breakfast, Circles, etc.) to gather information shared around two central ideas:

  • Share a story or talk about a time in your life when First (Scots) was at its best or most meaningful to you.
  • What do you hope for First (Scots); what do you hope for our future together?


Be thinking about your answers…there are no right or wrong ones! The results of these conversations will form the basis for developing Core Values that will define First (Scots) and guide the church into the next decades.  The Session will be asked to adopt the Core Values at a spring meeting.

If you are not a “group” member, there are many other ways to participate:

  • By completing the Appreciative Conversations Protocol Sheet. You can also fill out this form online here.
  • By calling or emailing one of the Building Bridges Committee members (click here).
  • By accepting an invitation to one of several “special” discussions/conversations that will be held and announced well in advance.
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