Saving Lives in Haiti

One of the initiatives of the La Gonave Partnership is to decrease the devastation of mother and infant deaths in Haiti (the highest in the Western Hemisphere). Simple, but effective, birthing kits include lightweight infant receiving blankets and “onsies” (newborn and 3-6 months to reduce the loss of infant body warmth at birth. Pneumonia from common colds, total body infection from stubbed toes, and deadly fevers from mosquito borne illnesses can be avoided with basic, inexpensive medicines. The First (Scots) Haiti Health Mission departs Friday, April 22. Please prayerfully consider the donation of receiving blankets, “onsies,”  or a monetary contribution to assist in the purchase these supplies, made out to First (Scots) Church with attention to “Haiti Mission.”

“Beni Timoun Yu” (“Bless the children”-Haitian Creole)

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