The Worship Division invites all members to participate in our worship services as bell ringers, ushers, Beadles, junior Beadles, lay readers, flower designers, and in the youth, adult, and bell choirs.
  • Bell Ringers

    Bell ringers ring the church’s bell calling worshipers to service on Sunday mornings. Coordinator: Jay White
  • Ushers

    Ushers serve as a morning’s friendly face and carry the important responsibility of ensuring that all of our members and visitors feel welcome and comfortable within our sanctuary.

    Coordinator: Keith Blake
  • The Beadle

    The Beadle leads the congregation to worship by bringing the Bible into the pulpit. Typically the Beadle wears Scottish attire but this is not a requirement for service. A First (Scots) tartan sash that may be worn is available in the church office.

    Coordinator: Harry Robbins
  • Lay Readers

    Lay readers read the first scripture lesson at each Sunday worship service. Training or coaching is available for new lay readers.

    Coordinator: George Douglass
  • Flower Designers

    Flower Guild Designers arrange the flowers for the sanctuary year round. One volunteer (or two, if the guild members wish to work as a team) design the flower arrangements for the Sunday morning services. New members start out by pairing with an experienced member to learn the art of flower design appropriate for our sanctuary. Individual arrangements are done every Sunday during the year excluding wedding weekends, Easter week and the Christmas/Advent season.

    Coordinator: Debbie Ferrer

    Easter and Christmas Coordinators: Virginia Chaplin and Jane Ray

    Office Coordinator: Susan Cocallas
Other opportunities for service include Communion Guild, Scottish Heritage Sunday, the Parramore Preaching Series and other seasonal and special services. For more information, contact Susan Cocallas .