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  • (Jan. 27th 2021) Have you ever done a life wheel assessment? It is something for people of ALL ages. The Life Wheel is quite an informative and intriguing activity to do anytime but there‚Äôs no better time than at the start of a new year. Taking part in this practice can reveal areas where you feel very satisfied in life and the areas needing additional attention in order for you to be more satisfied. We will walk you through each area- there are 8.

    Wheel of Life Powerpoint

  • (February 10, 2021) If you haven’t heard too much already about Covid-19, join Drs. James and Chris Hawk as they present an update on Covid-19. It’s everything you wanted to know about where we’ve been and where we are in the pandemic, including prevention, testing, treatment, and vaccines.

    Drs. James and Chris Hawk Zoom Video